Underground hip-hop resurfaces the form of a rapping ninja...

Hip-hop never died, though if you ask a large portion of its biggest fans, it’s been on dialysis for some years. There are those yet among us who carry the lyrical torch to illuminate the harsh realities of a mad world. SamurhymeZ, the unlikeliest of heroes, is the newest artist to pick up the microphone. And nunchucks. And swords. Probably a few firearms that his legal team wouldn't appreciate any mention of.

We're not sure if anyone has ever combined martial arts, lighting deadly weapons on fire, and prophetic rap flows into one cohesive and epic act before now... but it seems fitting for our times. Perhaps the chaos of the roaring '20s ignited the fiery passion which forged such a chaotic and destructive, yet richly beautiful, art-form.

SamurhymeZ has certainly taken a different approach to expressing himself, and we don't just mean the whole comic-book style crime-fighting vigilante superhero role that he jumps into so effortlessly. "I don't listen to much rap these days", he said when asked what rappers he looks up to in 2022. "I think that overall, hip hop has gotten away from it's roots of getting the message out to the people. I decided to pick up where my all my heroes left off.. I decided to keep the rebellious spirit alive by running straight towards what society seems to be afraid of... Speaking my mind and my truth, no matter the consequences”

SamurhymeZ is the product of Bruce Lee, Immortal Technique, Tupac, Lupe Fiasco, and Terrence McKenna. 

Against all odds, Mr. RhymeZ received an illustrious shoutout from Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah on his second release ever, “Prep the Gallows”. The Baroque-style imagery elicited from his graphic songs earned SamurhymeZ the opening track on Ghostface Killah’s Mixtape, “Cream of the Crop” that was released this year. 

Now that the sparks have ignited an infernal blaze for SamurhymeZ, we eagerly await to see what Phoenix will pyroclastically emerge from his fiery ebullition.